Bridal Plates (other colors and styles are available)

                                  This is a needed items for your bridal shower.

                            Your girls will love to write heart felt messages to you.     

                                           (pen & stand included)  $18

             Wedding Rings in Champagne     10" glass  $12        12" glass  $14

             Engraved glass                             10"  glass  $12       12" glass  $14   

             Lovely Rose/gel  glass                  10" glass  $ 12      12" glass  $14


                                                     Bloom of Kisses

                                      Kisses for your wonderful day.

                  Baskets:   Med $28    Large $32   Ex-Large $36

                                          Kisses $1..50 per stem

           Let us bring a few childhood memories to your special day with this   

                    with this beautiful Candy Station. Buy by the jar.

                        *New Orleans only    *50 free candy boxes

                               Beautiful  Table Center Pieces, made to order

                       Contact The Wedding Broom Company for style and prices.

      The Sand Ceremony $32 

    This custom is the same as the   Unity Candles, it symbolizes the

       joining of two families.


           The Champagne Fountain

create your special drink for your special day

          In New Orleans Only

           $75 rental for 4 hours

       Unity Candle Set  starting at $28  Designed by Catherine Broussard

               Contact The Wedding Broom Company for styles & prices

    Let Teddy be your

    ring bearer $18

   Mugs for the men $12

       Message In a Bottle

        Special note for that   

        special someone $22

                        Beautiful Toasting Glasses, designed the way you wish.

                        Many style to choose from, starting at $22 per pair


          The Wishing Well

   Rental  $25 Purchase $55

      Many colors are available

    Rental only in New Orleans


         Your Card Box $12.00

                                     Kente Cloth

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