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    The Nigerian 

  Wedding Broom

         The Broom Handles come in different styles



    The Nigerian Wedding Broom stands 40 inches tall. The straws on this           beautiful wedding broom are imported from Nigeria, Africa.    $55

      Nigerian Wedding Broom


          The Corn Wedding Broom stands 40 inches tall, it's made from corn straws and has a   wooden handle.  This traditional corn broom was used by our ancestors while they lived on the       plantation. On their wedding day, the couple would jump over the broom in the presence of        family and friends and proclaim their vows to each other. They would then jump over the broom        presenting  the beginning of a new life together as husband and wife. To honor this tradition,         jumping the broom has become an essential  part in wedding ceremonies today.

                                               We must always remember.

           All brooms are designed according to the colors of the wedding and the wishes of the

                                                   bride and groom.   $65


                 All Wedding Brooms are decorated according to the couple's wishes.

        The brooms are  decorated with bells, ribbon and the same flowers as in your bouquet.

                                    Other items can be added at your request.


                                Corn Wedding Broom

        The broom has a wooden handle, please refer to the different types of                 handle above and choose the handle which best suites you both.
               The names of the bride and groom along with
the date of                                             the wedding are placed on the ribbon.


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