The Nigerian 

  Wedding Broom

         The Broom Handles come in different styles



    The Nigerian Wedding Broom stands 40 inches tall. The straws on this           beautiful wedding broom are imported from Nigeria, Africa.    $55

      Nigerian Wedding Broom


          The Corn Wedding Broom stands 40 inches tall.  On the wedding day of our  

              ancestors, while living on the plantation, the Corn Broom was used.

                All brooms are designed according to the colors of your wedding.   $55


                 All Wedding Brooms are decorated according to the couple's wishes.

        The brooms are  decorated with bells, ribbon and the same flowers as in your bouquet.

                                    Other items can be added at your request.


                                Corn Wedding Broom

        The broom has a wooden handle. The names of the bride and groom                 and the date of the wedding are placed on the ribbon.


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